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Welcome to Cowling Moonrakers
A local group of people from in and around the North Yorkshire village of Cowling, who regularly meet in the winter months to discuss many of the local historical elements of our village, spending the summer visiting as many of these as we can.  Our website is aimed at recording this information to increase our local history knowledge and help us maintain it for future people. We hope you enjoy our website and welcome your support and input into making it a more informative site for all.

We meet the FIRST THURSDAY of EVERY MONTH - Cowling Village Hall at 7:30 pm.





This website is dedicated to the memory of
David W. Hoyle

June 1925 - March 2009

David Hoyle Sketch Drawing David W. Hoyle 1925 - 2009 David Hoyle Sketch Drawing

David Hoyle will always be remembered with fondness by all his family and friends. A renowned artist, local historian, cricketer, carpenter and choral singer we proudly dedicate this website in his memory.


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Without the following people this website would not of been possible: Mark Barnes for starting the whole thing off! All the Moonrakers members for making it happen. Mark at Cowlingweb - Assistance, Webspace, & Maintenance of Old Photo Gallery! David Hoyle his knowledge, inspiration, and artistry featured throughout the site. Joan Tindale her guidance.....and many corrections! Chris Howard - For someone to bounce all those technical questions off, & loan of the laptop in the early days, cheers mate! All the people of Cowling who have contributed with their invaluable knowledge, enthusiasm & information in sharing the local history with Moonrakers for all to enjoy in the future. Last, but not least my wife Kathie....apologies for all those late nights alone!
Ken Edgar (Jnr), Moonraker.


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