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John Binns Letter


Transcription as follows:

March 1 - 1874
Shay Bank

Dear son I right to say that I received your letter and was glad to hear that you was going to the night school which I think in the coarse of 3 years it will be worth more to you than if I could give you twenty pounds and that you are going to the Sunday School and that you was given goin to the Chapel now. Depend upon it that youth is the best time to improve the mind. Now about your funds I suppose they are getting rather low, my funds has been low. Many a time and I have had to hop of one twig on to another. Now 'bout  your sute I think you had better gettet it at Clekheaton and if you can not do for the money untill you come up I have  like to meet you at Bradford sum Saturday in the after noon. I could be at Bradford a bout 3 at clock and you could meet me at the station. Now you must right and let me now wether you can do or not and if you can not you must let me now wich Saturday you will come on or how you will do. Your brother John works 2 warps and he has been at home 2 weeks waiting for a warp. We are working at Laneshey Bridg again. With theas few lines I remain your dear father, I hop you will be obedient to your master and your uncle and tak all good advice

John Binns
Shay Bank Farmer
Cowling nr Crosshills 


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