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Credits: Joan Tindale

Former Landlords of Cowling Public Houses (not complete):
Further information to mail@moon-rakers.co.uk please.


 James & Elizabeth Hargreaves
1815 Ned at Birks? Edward at Birks Farm, Glusburn/Leys Lane, or Edmund Laycock of Birks 1800 - 1855
1838 James Nelson father of Peter Nelson
1848 Richard Robinson
1857 Richard Hill
1861 Peter (b. 1801 d. 1870) & Mary Nelson (Philip Snowdens grandparents)
1872 Sunderland Feather
1873 George Jackson
1877 Arthur Perkins
1878-83 Sunderland Feather

c.1878 Old Black Bull/Grinning Rat moved from bottom Nan Scar/Freegate to New Road Side- built after Ickornshaw Chapel 1875-6
c.1878 'Mother Doodlums'
1890 Sunderland Feather
1901 R. S. Crowther & Martha (both age 24)
1910 John Astin
1912/17 John Yates

Tom Danks
Mr. Barnes
Mr. Norris
Bert & Mary Bailey
Ken & Marie Rainford
Royd Brown
Peter Clarkson
Gary D. Irlam
1994 R. & L. Peacock (Closed as a pub c.2003)


1789/1800 Wm. Watson at Duke of Yorks, Cowling Hill
1818 Peter Watson Duke Yorks/Golden Fleece at Stott Fold/Stoneys
1818 NEW INN  - JAMES WATSON - now on New Road Side.
1822 James Watson   possibly succeeded by son William -1st husband of Dorothy Throup.
1822 Joshua Tetleys founded what is now called Bay Horse
1838-1849 Robert Laycock 2nd husband of Dorothy Throup
1849-1857 Mrs. Dorothy Watson (Dolly)nee Throup, widow of Wm. Watson & Robert Laycock
1857-1877 Richard Hill   son-in-law of Dolly Watson
1877-1888 Betty Hill (nee Watson) widow of Richard Hill
1888-1910 William Hill,  son of Richard Hill
1930 Harry Cope
1930s Geoffrey Clarke
1930's Sam Brunskill 
1940s Tom & Ethel Towers
1950s Dick & Mary Snowden (nee Dawson)
1960s Mr. & Mrs. B. Winstanley & son Tony
         Mr. & Mrs. S. Hebbes
         Derek & Charlie Hebbes
1970's Ian & Sylvia Clewes
         Peter & Rita Clarkson
         Gordon & Sue Lee
         Malcolm Bird
         Don & Mair McLean
         J. Sharkey
2005  K. Proctor
2007  Mick Town-Jones

1875 James Nelson lived in The Old School House, Ickornshaw
Peter Nelson b.1801 d.1870. 1st wife Rebecca Hird m. 19.6.1821 at Kildwick. 2nd wife Mary Emmott m. 15.2.1858 at Cowling Parish Church.
Peter died 26.4.1870 age 70, buried Cowling P.Ch.  Martha mother of Philip Snowden was dau. of Rebecca. Peter had 12 children with Rebecca and Mary.
Black Bull Brewery Duttons of Blackburn for 200 yrs.
From 1963 Whitbread's Brewery.
In 1904 there were 4 licences in Cowling.
In 1853 Masons Arms in Middleton, possibly no. 48?
In 1841 John Hutchinson beer retailer
Joshua Tetley's founded in 1822.

Information gathered from many different sources.
List still open to additions when these are known.

J. M. Tindale, June 2007


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