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Revealing Baptist Grave Study

April 27th, 2016

In April we studied Cowling Baptist Monumental Inscriptions. Although Cowling Hill Baptist Chapel was built in 1724 these inscriptions are on graves in its second graveyard and only date with names from 1816 (earliest we found). The first graveyard was a triangular plot behind the chapel. The list we used was compiled by Keighley Family History Group and was dated 1996 and thanks must go for their endeavours in compiling it.                

The 1816 inscriptions were very sad. A young mother Mrs Martha Shuttleworth of Ickornshaw,  aged 29, died in July. In September of the same year her one year old son John also passed away. This represents how short life could be not that long ago.  There was however also many people living into old age.     

Monumental Inscription in Cowling Baptist graveyard.

Monumental Inscription in Cowling Baptist graveyard.


Several burials are from people who lived in many villages around the area. This could reflect the distances that people were prepared to travel to this, one of the earliest non conformist buildings in the Craven area.                                                                                                                                          

On looking at the most common family names buried at Cowling Hill, it will be no surprise that Smith topped that poll. Other local family names that featured prominently were Emmott, Harrison, Rushton and Shuttleworth. A mention should also be given to the several Whitakers, Snowdens, Shackletons, Scarboroughs, Gotts, Binns and Bensons who obviously worshipped at Cowling Hill Baptist Chapel and were buried there.                                                                                                             

 Finally on another subject, we can give first notice of a talk to be held at our July 7th meeting entitled ‘Mining in Cowling and Cononley’, given by mining expert Mike Gill of Sutton. This talk will be free, with donations welcome.                                                                                                                                       


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